Fresh, feel-good gift hampers delivered Australia wide with a flat fee of $15


The truth is, most hampers are pretty and predictable.

You’re here because you know a gift hamper should be a centrepiece.

This all started in April 2020, not long after the Sydney lockdown began. I was pacing my apartment feeling stuck- physically (of course), and creatively.

Thanks to the lockdown, there wasn’t much I could do about the physical ‘stuck-ness’ but there was definitely a way around the creative stuck-ness. I just had to find it.

At some point during the time I was trying to find a way to express myself, I went online to look for a hamper to send to a friend.

I scrolled past endless elegant, plain white boxes filled with mini bottles of champagne and scented candles. I was bored.

None of the hampers I found really expressed the care I wanted to send to my friend. None of the hampers I found were exciting as well as pretty. And giftbox after giftbox all had the same brands and products featured again and again.

I wanted something more exciting, something beyond the status quo. And I had a creative itch to scratch.

And so, Hampers Sublime was born.

Our hampers are packed with a mix of products designed to bring a smile to any face. We use a mix of well-known and lesser-known Australian brands as well as some international brands you can barely find here in Australia. The goodies are then packed into a basket (rather than a box) with a specific eye to arrangement and colour combination.

The result?

Gorgeous hampers that look good enough to be a centrepiece, all packed with fun, unique products.